Client Experiences

“My experience with Angelique from Divine Journey Holistic Healing has been physically,
emotionally & spiritually rewarding. I have had the pleasure of having multiple massages: which included cupping, energy work, & ample time afterward to process with hydration, chakra talk, & the option to write about my experience.  The environment, energy & experience that Angelique provides is peaceful, relaxed, open, healing, & conducive to exactly, (if not more)

what I was looking in each session through listening & providing a nurturing space to receive. I also had the privilege to purchase tinctures from her, that have aided in my bodies healing from quitting smoking, PMS, overly analytical thoughts, & liver function.
I can genuinely say that through dedication to come at least once a month, my emotional, physical & spiritual existence has dramatically improved, enhancing serenity, peace, joy, & health in my life each day.”
~ Jen B., Oceanside, Ca.

“I followed up with Angelique after a month with our first session and I’m glad I did. Some events and emotions had come up in my life that needed to be released. I loved her presence and professional care. Her techniques with the resources she uses are truly a gift and have helped me far beyond what I was expecting. She gently guides you to your path and divinely knows what to work on for you! I felt much more clarity and freedom when I left, it was like a huge weight had been lifted. Work became a little easier, my home life became less dramatic everything around me just got a little lighter.
Thank you!”
~ Alexandria H., Escondido, Ca.

“I have received many massages in the past to help treat chronic neck pain and migraines. However, what I discovered during my sessions with Angelique was that she was healing more than just my physical symptoms. From the moment our sessions began I embarked on a whole new journey and way of healing and connecting to source thru body, mind and spirit. I immediately felt a sense of safety and comfort in Angelique’s presence and always leave a session feeling centered, connected, grounded with a higher awareness. Her healing hands, energy, and spirit create a safe place for me to harmonize my whole body and tap into profound truths. She is a true healer of many!”

Melissa S., Oceanside, Ca.

“Angelique at Divine JHH is amazing! If you are interested in this area of work but don’t have little or no knowledge, Angelique is the perfect person to go to. She has a very warm, gentle, nurturing disposition and is very good at making you feel comfortable, honoring where you are on your path at the time you come to her and meeting you there. She has a wealth of knowledge and has very many practices to help you in a way that you feel most authentic.
I recently attended her Grounding Workshop and it was amazing! I have only recently started learning of different techniques and have heard plenty of “advanced lingo”, but she brought the information back down to the basics, to the beginner level so you could really learn and understand the foundation. I felt wonderful and blessed leaving her workshop. Angelique is always filled with so much joy and light, you will not regret investing in her services!”

~ Anna P., Oceanside, Ca.

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